Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Girl's Guide to LA's Carmaggedon

The rapture didn't happen in May, but Carmaggedon is definitely happening next weekend. Get ready Angelenos, the 405 Freeway is undergoing a major widening project and will be shutdown from the 10 to the 101 freeways Saturday, July 16 at midnight to Monday, July 18 at 5:00 a.m.! City officials have been spreading the word pretty aggressively so if you live in LA and haven't heard about this then you must live under a rock. They even got Ashton Kutcher to tweet about it, with over seven million followers that's some serious star power. With this closure, they are advising people to stay home or go away for the weekend. What's a girl to do if getting to the mall or beach means getting near or crossing over the 405 freeway? Well, here's a nifty girl's guide to a weekend at home.

1 - First of all, stop by the grocery store before the weekend to stock up on food and water because even getting in your car to go to the store means you might never get back home. Plus, dehydration is not so pretty on the skin.

2 - While you're at the store, pick up a blow up kiddy pool for some sunbathing in your backyard. If you don't have a backyard, then set up shop on the sidewalk. A girl can't be pale during the summer.  

3 - Reorganize your closet and start putting together a Goodwill pile of clothes (but don't even think about dropping anything off at Goodwill until after the weekend!). This project alone will take up several hours.

4 - Give yourself an at-home spa day. Save some money and do your own mani/pedi, facial, and/or a conditioning hair treatment.

5 - Stock up on classic girly movies. You already know the lines by heart to Clueless, Pretty Woman, Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love, Sex and the City (movies and reruns), etc.

6 - Get your retail therapy fix by doing a little online shopping on Net-a-Porter,, or

7 - Bake a pie or cake. I always say that I want to get better at baking, but I never have time to do it. This is the perfect time to sharpen your baking skills or if you're already a pastry chef try a new recipe.

Brace yourself, it's gonna be a LONG weekend.

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